Sarah E. J. Oxley John Whitson Marr Stephen M. Stevens
Texas Co., MO
The Oxleys I
Levi McMurphy Casimir P. Stevens
Texas Co., MO
The Oxleys II
Johnson Co., MO
Early Settlements
Stevens and Gray
Texas Co., MO
Greenwood Family
Page Co., IA
R. W. Stafford
Daniel Sherwood -
Abijah Stevens
Texas Co., MO
Melton Family
Margaret Harris
Afton, NY
Abijah Stevens
The Road Taken
Lizzie Ray Oxley
Tooze Family History Keokuk, IA
Harvey Stevens
Jenkin Oxley
Parentage Notes
Maynard Neighbors
Harness Maker
Rockingham, NH
Early Residents
Roney Family History
Oxley Excerpts
Altha (Neighbors) Couch

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